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Bringing Your Landscaping to Life with Lights

Almost every homeowner takes great pride in their gardens. A great looking, well cared for garden is a joy. It is a place to relax with family and friends and escape the stresses of the world – even for a while.

However, a garden  should be enjoyed at all times, this includes on a bright summer’s day and the evenings – which are some of the best times to have that special gathering, barbecue or outside dinner party.

But evenings in the garden or on the patio overlooking the garden can be made even more special with great landscape lighting.

The good news is that there are a variety of lighting options for gardens that do not require that the homeowner break the bank. In fact many of these options are perfect DIY projects.

garden lightning

One of the best lighting ideas is using decorative lanterns. These are available in a variety of different types. There are those that rely on LED lighting that can imitate the effect of candles – there are also vintage options where low flame candles can be used. They represent excellent value for money and can be placed around the garden to highlight landscape features or placed on a patio table to lend a warm glow to any gathering.

Cafe style string lights have variety of uses. they can illuminate a porch or patio – but can also be used to hang on tree branches to create a perfect magical ambiance. If they are going to be used where there is the chance of rain make sure that they are rated for all weather use. Even a simple branch in a plant pot can be transformed into something that is the focus of a wonderful evening.

An incredibly easy way to get a great effect when it comes to landscape illumination is to purchase solar powered landscape lighting. these stand alone units can be purchased separately or as complete collections. Installing them is as simple as spiking them into grass or a flowerbed.

New LED technology means that these low voltage units emit more light then ever before. Many models also feature timers or light sensors so that they will automatically come on in low light conditions. They represent great value for money and the wide variety of styles means that there is usually a solar lighting solution to suit every taste.

Have a look around and take the time to transform your garden into a space that delights and allows for so many entertainment options.

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